Birthday List: 28 before 28

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As is my tradition, every year (since the year before I turned 25) I've made a list of things I want to do before my next birthday. (the amount of items corresponds with the age I'll be the next year) Last year, it was 27 Before 27 (see list here) so... this year, its 28 Before 28.
I plan on checking them off as I accomplish them, and or blogging about them as I go, ala Kara and her 40 before 20 list.
These lists take the place of new year's resolutions for me... I also have a bucket list I've been working on, so I may start posting that eventually as well. Blogging these lists has a way of keeping me accountable strangely enough.
Without further ado:

28 before 28

1. NYC. Portland or Seattle. Or all of them. (and yay! I am currently planning a trip to NYC/Philly with my sister! So excited)  Did it!
2. Nose pierced DONE AND DONE. I LOVE IT.
3. New job
4. Journal more. Consistently. Art Journal
5. Start a new sketchbook
7. Go sledding & ice-skating
8. Shoot a gun/go to a shooting range
9. Watch/catch up on TV series. (Sherlock, Mad Men, Arrested Development, Parks & Rec, Downton Abbey, Project Runway ect)
10. Eat better
11. Go hiking- be outside more
12. Book at least 3 events/shoots that make me happy and super ecstatic
13. Thrift 80-90%% of clothing and home purchases
14. Play/learn a new instrument (ukulele, xylophone, cello)
15. Spend more time with my family
16. Play and practice guitar
17. Get a piano & choose (at minimum) 5 new piano pieces to figure out and learn
18. At least 3 road trips
19. Take at least 4 freebie, what-the-heck sort of days off of work/life
20. Say "no" more often
21. See Coldplay live
22. Read 4 non-fiction books
23. See 3 shows (theater, concert, symphony ect)
24. Take a class. Anything; design, photography, dancing, drawing.
25. Do 5 things that are scary/challenging (this could include something spontaneous, having to do with heights, being vulnerable with my feelings... it’s an open ended goal)
26. Get a Dayton Metro Library card
27. Organize a large scale photo-scavenger hunt
28.  Hook up my turntable and start collecting vinyl

(originally posted Jan. 25, 2012)

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