Walking Around Japan (Day 1)

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We landed in Japan last night, and made it to the YWAM base in Osaka around midnight. We were fed a late night snack, and were tucked into our rooms by 1:30am.

After meeting as team for breakfast, taking some time to read some verses and pray, we had a bit of orientation, then spent the afternoon handing out flyers to students at the train stations for our performance on Thursday. (we'll be performing/dancing etc at a local church on Thursday.)

It was a good day- actually quite beautiful outside (around 52 degrees fahrenheit, or around 11 for you Celsius people... I'm still not too confident with celsius.) We joked that if we were back home and it was 52 degrees in February, we'd be wearing flip flops and saying how warm it was. As it is though, we've all acclimated to Australia and...well, we have been pretty cold all day!

I made sure to get some photos today- I am so excited to see more of the area... ! I really hope that as I (and as I have) post photos from this trip, and my travels and adventures to come, that you can feel as though you are on the adventure with us. (At least, in a small way) I always loved pouring over photos on other people's blogs of their travels. It felt as though I could have a tiny taste of traveling and new sites and cultures... I hope I am able to do the same for you!

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  1. Love the photos, Em! I think my favorite may be the first photo, with the tree that looks like it just came out of a traditional Japanese painting. Are you in the outskirts of the city? It doesn't have as much of the big city feel as I would expect. Thanks for the updates!


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