Haven on Hadley: Apartment Tour, Living Space, Pt. II

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Welcome to my living space... or part of it. I am currently on the hunt for a comfy, cheap and aesthetically pleasing sofa to nap on, but until then, these vintage blue velvet chairs from my bestie will do....

I have my parents turntable from when they were first married... I listened to records on it when I was a kid! Kind of fun.

My console is from St. Francis thrift store and was a steal at $65. Super proud of it, its exactly what I wanted.

Some engineering prints from Staples.com... my photography and design. 

My rug is from Ikea and it is wonderful. The ottoman is also from St. Francis thrift store.

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  1. Your apartment charmed me at first sight! It looks so cozy, and believe it or not, those blue velvet chairs are actually lovely. Besides, the rug just gave the whole place a bohemian vibe. I commend you for being able to piece all of that together. You have great sense of style! Kudos!

    Justin Garrett @ Buzz Homes


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