Haven on Hadley: Apartment Tour, Part 1, The Bedroom

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Welcome to my little haven... my fortress of solitude. My home sweet home... okay. Its just my tiny apartment, but I love it and am loving how everything came together. There are still some things to do (I need to spray paint the legs of my desk, but its too cold out currently!) as well as I'm always on the look out for treasures... but take a little peek into my place.

My bedroom is a lovely little respite- restful and calm. I find that with most, the bedroom is the LAST room they get around to finishing. Its a personal space, guests don't usually spend time there etc, etc. If I chat with you at all about your home and the decor/design of it, you'll always hear me call you out. YOU spend a great deal of time in your room, even if its just in your sweats sitting on your bed, or sleeping at night. It should be a restful, peaceful, put-together space, as important as your living spaces! YOU are important. Self care is so important!
 I'll step off my soap box now....

The print is an engineering print I had made at Staples (such a great project btw) Its a photo from when I was in Kyoto, Japan and says: "Have a suitcase heart, be ready to travel." Amen.

Little tip- use twinkle lights or bistro lights indoors, all year 'round. They give out the most beautiful, warm glow and can transform your space. I initially intended these for the dining/living space, but on a whim hung them in my bedroom... such a happy choice!

This was a project that came out so lovely. I picked up the frame at a thrift store for about $1, and hammered in some nail/tacks. A pretty little display for my growing collection of neck-bling.

Books and cameras reside in my little glass Ikea shelf. 

My dad made this mirror per my request- I was inspired by one at Ikea, but I knew my dad could make something just as gorgeous, plus it means way more to me to have something my dad created especially for me. And it is BEAUTIFUL.

This is my hat collection. And its adorable.

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