Life Goes On

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No apologies. I haven't been around. I haven't blogged in ages. Its just how it has gone. In the span of a few weeks I was offered a full-time job, was still working a seasonal position somewhere else. I needed to find an apartment closer to my work destination.... I also needed to move. To locate my boxes of things which had been in storage at my parents for over a year. To figure out what I still needed. (so much)

B U S Y.

And it hasn't stopped since. 

I'm grateful to be busy, I love my little apartment and its location. I hope to have it in order soon enough to do a little photo apartment tour... but I have little else I'm inspired by lately. And Christmas season is upon us which means there's even more to do while still trying to settle in at my place AND learn the ropes at my place of employment.

So... enjoy a little Christmas music mix I made two winters ago. Maybe I'll get around to creating some new ones this year. Maybe not. No promises.

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