Fall Adventures

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I traveled to Australia and spent 8 months there. While there, one of the girls I grew closest to was Shannon... Shannon just so happens to live in MICHIGAN. Funny how that worked, but it makes seeing each other definitely doable. She drove down and spent the weekend with me and we tried to do all the fun things we could, while enjoying the beautiful October weather. 

We ate Mexican food, walked around at The Greene, hung out at Ghostlight Coffee, went to a corn maze with my friends (its a fall tradition!) visited Yellow Springs, took photos, drank coffee and chai from Dino's, went to Young's and had cinnamon ice cream and saw the goats. We talked a ton, went to a service at Apex, got pizza at Dewey's and watched a movie in our pajamas in my room. Sunday morning we had brunch at The Cheesecake Factory, walked around a bit more and visited Target. (midwest life, am I right?) 

These are some of the photos from our weekend...

Isn't Shannon gorgeous?


So we had this idea that we wanted this shot of our necklaces...
They're from The Giving Keys; I gave Shannon HOPE when we were in Australia, and a few weeks ago, she sent me STRENGTH. 


Ah! So grateful for this lady!

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