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I'm terrible at keeping in touch with people. It frustrates me.

Working in visuals at Macy's is exhausting-- but I love it. We're always busy, always a million things to do, but it actually feels like we accomplish things, and when little old ladies are shopping for the things they see on the mannequins I'm dressing (before I'm done!) I count it a win.

My feet hurt- I think I'm getting old. So I bought new TOMS. (okay, maybe I'm not that old, if TOMS are my comfort shoes. But they seriously ARE comfortable and supportive!) 

I listen to sad music. Its a blessing and a curse. It helps me think. Think what you will. 

My life is about to go from zero to like, 100mph. I am about to start a full-time, new job, while finishing out a part-time seasonal job, plus normal life, social activities, previous engagements and responsibilities. And... hopefully, moving to my own place.

Dear goodness, I need my own place. I need a place to call home. 

I need somewhere to plant some roots and to just be.

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