Changing Seasons

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Maybe because I missed last autumn (it was spring in Australia) or maybe because I am completely biased and absolutely, unashamedly adore autumn... but this year has been gorgeous. The colors, the sunshine mixed with overcast days. So pretty.

Loving it, like, more than a McDonald's commercial loves it.

Other than my tween girl crush on fall... life is weird, as per usual. I was able to pick up a seasonal position at Macy's- I'm the Visual Assistant to the Visual manager. Basically its the most wonderful job ever. We dress mannequins, arrange shelves, do signage, dress beds, decorate Christmas trees, floof ribbons and put up all the holiday decor... and I don't have to use the registers or really help customers, because I'm with visuals and I don't know any of those things. And my manager is hysterical and great.

Down-side is that its only 'til mid November, and its only about 20 hrs a week. Sigh.

I finally interviewed at Starbucks, and was offered a position... but I was waiting to hear back from Arhaus Furniture, and Starbucks had to go ahead and hire for the position I was offered.

Now I'm STILL waiting on Arhaus (its a full-time position with benefits so its a job I need to accept if they offer, plus I would be able to afford a cheap apartment, which I need as well) and Starbucks has said they potentially have another position I can have early November.

So while I adore autumn... this life season sort of stinks. I'm so ready for something to happen. I'm really not handling it all very well and am frustrated beyond belief. Its all just incredibly exhausting.

That's me being honest with you. I'm not a fan of the sugar-coat, unless its on M&Ms. (preferably crispy ones, which, have you heard, are FINALLY coming back. Even though they totally had them in Australia.)

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