Writing & Waiting

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Hello friends,
I believe I mentioned that I would be doing some writing/photography for a cool project/ministry at Apex called Anthologies...

I get to assist in sharing stories about people, living real lives, serving and following God. A pretty neat opportunity.

Well, one of my first assignments was to compose MY story.

Yikes. Those of you who know me, know that life right now is a bit... complicated and messy. So, I had to sit down and try and hammer that out.

Well, I did. And its on the blog. 

....please know that while I attempt to sound eloquent and understanding, at peace and accepting, waiting is a battle I fight daily. Its hard. Its messy. It hurts. There have been many tears (I'm not a crying person- ask any of my friends) and there are still many questions.

But I hope my vulnerability and story may be an encouragement- maybe just that someone else gets it. So- if you like, head over and take a read. And read some of the other stories while you're there. Its a really awesome project.

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