Greetings from Japan!

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From the back porch where we're staying...

We landed in Osaka last night, after about 13 hours of flying/layovers. Currently we're staying at the YWAM Osaka base for two weeks- then we'll move on to Tokyo for the remaining four weeks of our outreach.

Since we flew in and were traveling at night, I wasn't really able to get a look at much other than the train stations, so I'm excited to step out and really see Japan and snap some photos. The craziest thing so far is the temperature difference here compared to Brisbane.

In Brisbane, its been hot and humid and sweaty for several weeks now… and here it is 40-50, which, yeah, back in Ohio was a nice spring day, but after acclimating to Australia, feels really chilly. We're all bundling up in sweaters and hats and scarves… a few of us are sniffling too- pray that we stay well please!

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