Birthday Lists: 25 before 25

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(originally posted November 17, 2009)

In recent conversation with someone and in happening upon a blog where there was a list like this... I have decided to create a list of "25 Things to do before I turn 25"....
I probably should have started a bit sooner as I only have till February... but hey, I'll make the list more achievable... and maybe I'll start a "26 before 26" a bit sooner?
So... I randomly threw this together today... but I think it works. I'll cross them out as I do them...
"25 Before 25"
(in no particular order)
1. See three more shows/bands/artists live. (at least)
2. Make and give handmade gifts for Christmas
3. Go on a date. (This goes on all my lists... haven't achieved it yet, but hey, I like to dream)
4. Throw a Christmas party and invite new friends
5. Decorate the apartment with hand-made/thrifted items for the holidays
6. Dye my hair RED. (I always swore I would do it bright, cherry red at least once in my life... the dream has toned down a bit, less Clementine from Eternal Sunshine... more, "I work in the real world")
8. Make official plans to go to either NYC or Seattle (or both, in 2010)
9. Shoot with film more often
10. Work on an art journal
11. Re-connect with some old friends
12. Get a group together to go to hocking hills to hike/take photos
13. Organize a photo-scavenger hunt
14. Only purchase clothing if I commit to giving away something that I already have
15. Pray for those I love and care about on a daily basis and put my whole heart into it
16. Start a new journal with the new year, and appropriately title it (it's tradition, every new year I start a new one)
17. Write a song with music AND lyrics. Together. (scary... I'm not sure I know how to do this)
18. Learn how to use Garage Band with my piano/keyboard
19. Not drink ANY soda
20. Practice guitar on a regular basis
21. Try cooking some new recipes, like chicken curry and other dishes with meat in them (scary!)
22. Read Jane Austen's "Persuasion"
23. Try not to be so sarcastic. (I don't have a whole lot of hope for this one)
I need two more... suggestions?

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