She Wore it on the Weekend: Movie Night

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After a long weekend of hanging with the high school students and hiking in 43 degree weather (which, albeit, was cold, but awesome) I had a Sunday to chill- figures I spend most of the day sleeping/groggy in my room, partly recovering from the weekend, and partly because of a lack of anyone to do anything with. Thankfully, a friend sent me a text asking if I wanted to go see The Hunger Games (for the second time) with her- yes. I was about to go by myself.

I wore and outfit of items I've had for ages, but threw on a striped headband and my pleather coat for a bit of warmth/pulled togetherness.

ps- The movie was just as good the second time... I caught a few things I missed the first go-around.... and now I'm super anxious to see Catching Fire made into a movie- I feel like the storyline will lend itself even better to the big screen.....

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