She Wore it on the Weekend...but Posted on Wednesday (again)

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My best friend/sister graduated from UD this past weekend- it was a crazy weekend of cleaning and getting ready for a smallish party at my parents, attending the ceremony and hanging out with friends and family... hence, why I'm posting a 'She Wore it on the Weekend' post on Wednesday. The only photos I managed to get of my outfits were snapped at the ceremony and the party with my sister. So you get both of us!

I'm wearing: Dress- Goodwill/ Earrings- Forever21 and bare feet. (this was my second outfit of the day- I changed out of my dressier one from the ceremony)
My sister, Val is wearing: Dress- Francesca's, belt- H&M, Feather earrings (a gift from me) Forever21, wedges- thrifted I believe

Love my sister!
I'm wearing: dress- H&M/geometric necklace- Forever21/Cardi- thrifted/ Red wedges- Payless
Seriously, so stinking proud of my sister (she graduated Magna Cum Laude!) and excited for her to start this next chapter in her life (although, if she moves out of the country, I'm gonna miss her!)

...and, because I can, here are a couple shots of my cutie pie niece....

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