So Long & Farewell

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So long, farewell... its time to say goodbye... my hair.

I haven't had it this short in about 10 years (back when was a young thing in college!) Its so wonderful... it takes two seconds to wash and dry, and I was just so ready to have it gone.

I'm still in the process of coloring it to the right color, but I'm giving it a bit of a breather...

In case you're wondering, I chopped it off myself, because I'm always impulsive with my hair, and I generally use it to channel my emotions... 
The year is fresh, big things are going to happen. And it was time for the hair to go.

Sorry I'm not sorry for the excess of self portraits...

(yummy homemade iced coffee in a recycled Starbucks cup, because its better with a straw...)

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