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Not going to lie, I have a definite soft spot for smaller, independent films. I like that they portray life in a more realistic fashion than most glossy, popular flicks. They're usually more stylized (whether it be through the music, wardrobe, or filming) as well. Over the years, I haven't watched quite as many as I did while in college- when I had more time to watch movies that didn't contain much of a storyline or plot- besides nowadays- I usually am multitasking when watching...

Last night I finally started Like Crazy- and, was a bit underwhelmed. It was a very quiet film. (literally, I put my ear buds in about 1/4 of the way through so I could catch the dialogue.) 

But it was sweet enough. It was earnest, and the ending, while somewhat abrupt, was much more true than the sparkly, they lived happily ever after ones you get with most romances.

What stood out to me was the score. I was able to discern that one of my favorite composers, Dustin O'Halloran had a few songs included... but was happily surprised, today, to find that the entire film was scored by him! If you enjoy melodic piano music- I cannot recommend him high enough. 

And if you're looking for a few movie recs from me... some of my favorite, lesser known films are as follows: Marie Antoinette (directed by Sofia Coppola, not a lot of plot, but vibrant and beautifully styled, with a killer soundtrack) The Virgin Suicides (another Sofia Coppola one) The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, Saved!, Brick (with a young, Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Girl Interrupted, and Donnie Darko. I have weird taste in movies, I know. This is just one genre that I find fascinating. (and quite a few of them were books I read, and enjoyed.

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