A Baby Shower for Hannah

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My best friends, Hannah and Ethan, are expecting their first little one in May. The first weekend in March, I helped her family throw her a baby shower... looking forward to meeting Lily!

Hannah's momma hosted the event at her lovely home (whenever I'd answer the door, people would ask in wonder, "is this your house!?" and I would quickly respond, "I wish!") 
We threw the shower open-house style, no schedule of events or games. Hannah opened presents in the living room for those who wanted to watch and interact, and we had yummy treats and drinks in the other rooms.

I spent the better part of two evenings that week dyeing and creating coffee filter peonies/roses to strew about the room- and they turned out beautifully. (just search on Pinterest, there are tons of tutorials) Snacks, cupcakes and other yummies were brought by friends and house church ladies.
The amazing cookies (that taste even better than they look!) are made by Becky of The Joy of Cookie (on Facebook- she's taking orders!)

The lovely homemade presents below were made by our amazing friend, Allison, for baby Lily. Handmade things are so wonderful- and Allison is so talented!

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