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So....I'm loving the spring weather. We've only had a couple days, but I am so extremely in like. Yesterday was windy and so warm and sunny and delightful. I was able to go for a run after 9pm in just a long-sleeved tee, no jacket. Happy.

So, my new obsession happens to be printed pants. I had a gift card a few weeks back, and, of course, when I have $$, I have the hardest time finding anything I like. Murphy's Law or something like that. So, on a whim, while in Forever21, I grabbed this pair, and a pair of rayon, black and white polka-dot pants.

Forever21 pants never fit correctly, (I'm not a skinny bean-pole, which seems to be their main target market.) but for whatever reason, both pairs fit... and I loved them. I admit, they're quirky. And weird. And may be too much for most people. But they are lightweight, can be dressed up or down, I can wear them to work (and they feel like PJ pants, score) or I can toss a sweatshirt over them with moccasins. Versatile. And, super lightweight for the warmer weather.

I'm going to have to scour some thrift stores and see if I can find some to DIY. (I have a royal blue pair already that just need a touch of altering!)

...enough about my pants. So, these photos are my first foray into shooting RAW format, editing in Lightroom with my VSCO Film presets. Working in LR is killing me (I've always been a Photoshop gal) but hopefully I'll get it down soon... but I'm definitely enjoying the VSCO Film presets.

--outfit details--
cami//Gabriel Bros.
necklace//made by me

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