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Random Friday thoughts...

>>Lately I've been on a throwback Indie music kick. Yesterday, it was all about Stars. (please, PLEASE listen to them if you haven't ever. They are truly such an underrated band. I recommend  Set Yourself on Fire or Five Ghosts if you're just starting out. I listened to this band almost religiously in my college days- I have memories of sleeping in Sinclair lounges, waiting for my sister to get out of class so we could have lunch together... those days feel so long ago, but they were great. Now I want to immerse myself in Sufjan Stevens again. 

>>Am I the only one entirely sick of over-styled parties, weddings, blog posts, dinner parties, baby showers etc? I loved them back when no one took any effort to make things pretty, but gosh darn it, if Americans are going to do anything, they then take something wonderful and run. It. Into. The. Ground. Gee, throw a nice party with nice glasses and dishes and candles. You don't need to DIY up the wazoo. Your baby's first birthday doesn't need to be as elaborate as a wedding reception. Please understand, I am an artist, a designer, a stylist... so I get it... but come on. Simple is (most of the time) best. When everyone is DIYing and making everything unique...suddenly everything looks the same, and nothing feels special. More like a contest for the most styled, DIY EVER event. 
Sorry. Done with my rant.

>> Funny. Some people are just realizing I chopped my hair off. Almost two months ago. 

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