The Slowest and the Fastest

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These next months are going to be the fastest months ever... and, at the same time, the slowest. The slowest because I am daily, even if only in my mind, counting down the days til I leave for Australia. The fastest, well, because starting now, my schedule just got cray. 

Friday night I'm manning a photo-booth at the 80s Prom for Missions that Apex is throwing. I'll have props, and a totally rad backdrop, so please get your photo snapped. I'll also have a tip jar to raise funds for my trip, so please bring something to toss in? (preferably of a monetary value, but I like candy pretty well too. Chocolate specifically.) 

I don't even want to think about the rest of my schedule this month. WHEW. Gonna be nuts.

Enjoy the instagrams. I'll have some new photography soon.

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  1. Just stumbled across your blog through a friend, I love it! Where are you going in Aus with YWAM? I did a DTS in Newcastle a few years ago.... it will change your life! Will be praying for you.


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