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Just some music recs for ya'll on this gorgeous, fall...erm, I mean, August afternoon.

Andrew Belle, Black Bear

I have long loved Andrew Belle's The Ladder- and now, two years later, he's finally releasing a new album on August 20! Stream it over on Paste Magazine's site. 

Lily & Madeleine- The Weight of the Globe
Saw a blurb about them yesterday via Relevant's site- this morning I was notified that their album is over on Noisetrade. I recommend a listen, a download and a donation! 

The Civil Wars- The Civil Wars
Yeah. The Civil Wars are kind of akin the recommending that someone reads The Hunger Games or watch Downton Abbey. An obscure and small beginning to a household name. While all the drama surrounding the new release is sort of annoying- the music is solid. (as always) A lot more grit, and definitely lots of Rom-Com movie potential (I can see about 50% of these songs being featured on Grey's Anatomy or the newest chic-flick.)  But that okay with me... so while I've decided I'm over Downton Abbey, I'm gonna stick with The Civil Wars for a bit longer.

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