Day Three Already

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As I'm editing and proofing the photos I'm about to post... I have a playlist of my "most-played" songs running on itunes.

Itunes, you're cute. These are all songs that were most played... like four years ago.
(but its kind of sweet and nostalgic. Bon Iver's For Emma, Forever Ago is all over it. John Mark McMillan's Carbon Ribs, Sun-drenched World by Joshua Radin... some Damien Rice and Jon Foreman. Okay- I'm kind of enjoying it.)

So, today... Thursday... still in that strange state of jet-lag. Sleepy and wide awake at the same time. Orientation and lots to absorb. Lots of delicious food. (Australian food seems to be pretty top-notch, at least here at YWAM.)

I was able to FaceTime with BOTH of my sisters this morning for a few minutes. (one was about to fly out from Thailand, and the other was home in Ohio on the sofa.)

There have been moments today, and the last two days, where I have quickly wondered what this program and trip will entail for me, personally. I am by far, the oldest MAD student (MAD is the School of Music and Arts here on the YWAM base) and there are many 18 and 19 year olds. So I feel a touch of place- mostly, I'm sure, in my own head. Thankfully, there are some wonderful ladies here who I have already connected with, and I know, without a doubt, for whatever reason, God has placed me here.

For what exactly? Well, discovering that is half the adventure...

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  1. I felt that way in Costa Rica in language school. It's crazy, right? One day you are the youngest person around and the next....well it happens to everyone. But it really doesn't matter! Live life as an adventure not a couch potato. Its amazing where your heart will lead you and your feet will take you ")


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