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Thursday evening, my friend Shannon and I took the train into Brisbane to photograph all the pretty lights of the city together. It was a beautiful windy and cool evening and we had a ton of fun riding the train and chatting, walking about and snapping photos of each other with the city as our backdrop. The photos of me are by Shannon (thank you!) and the rest I shot.

I love this beautiful canopy of flowers down in Southbank....

We popped in at a 7Eleven (classy, right? They're everywhere here!) and bought drinks... Shannon had brought Tim Tams, so she had to try a Tim Tam slam

Regardless of if it worked or not.... Tim Tams are always amazing. 

I love that I've already found people to be my crazy self with... and they aren't running away (yet.) :)

So... we also had a moment where this couple behind me parked their stroller with their child right by us and then walked to the other end of the bench... and then, came back a few minutes later and thanked us. Apparently we had our first Australian babysitting gig and weren't even aware. I find it so hysterical that Shannon captured it... and my face. Because this is how we felt....

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  1. haha--that's great! I really like that flowered arch-way, too!


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