Somewhere Over the Pacific

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Hello Friends and Family and other people who happen to be around...

So, I completely skipped Monday, October 14th. I hope it was good for you all. I was floating in a sort of time, space continuum... and now its the future.

I arrived safe and sound in Brisbane yesterday (Tuesday) morning. I started my trek on Sunday afternoon, flying out of the Columbus International airport. It was definitely hard to say goodbye to my family, my niece and dad followed me as far as possible in the security lines, her smiling and saying "I love you" til I had to stop looking at her. Even now it makes me teary eyed to think how big she'll be by the time I am back next summer. And my nephew won't be an infant anymore... so crazy. I will miss each member of my family in a different way... except Val. I don't miss her, the big jerk. She left first. (I'm just kidding. I miss Val constantly.)

Australia is beautiful. At first glance it reminds me of San Diego, CA. Tropical plants, sunshine, beachy looking houses. But, then you realize you are driving on the wrong side of the road! Definitely look BOTH ways before crossing the street. Twice.

The YWAM base is great. There are staff, and people from several different programs and schools. My group has about 30ish, 25 of which are girls. These first two days have been settling in, trying to not fall asleep mid-conversation, remembering names, and trips to the local mall area to purchase necessities. There is a mall within walking distance, as well as restaurants, shops and the train stop. I'm looking forward to heading into Brisbane and seeing the city. Also, can I just say, Australian money is so much prettier than US dollars. Big surprise. I think the US has the most boring money around. These are the things that I notice, sorry if you don't care.

We have our welcome dinner tonight, and start our lectures and schedule tomorrow. I'm excited to begin.

Many people have questioned me as to what they can be specifically praying about for me... My biggest request is that that all of this would just cause such growth and life in my heart. Not everyone gets a fresh start like this. Especially in their late twenties. To be completely removed from what has been daily routine for the past 5+ years (working, paying bills, rent, daily and weekly commitments, people, family etc.) a new country, culture, and have everyone I meet be someone new... plus starting at a fresh, new place with God. It is a much needed change, and I am so ready for everything it entails.

I will do my best to keep you all posted- and to have lots of photos. So far, these are all snapped with my iphone, but I will unpack my DSLR soon and start snapping.

If you'd like to keep in contact with me, I have imessage when on wifi, or WhatsApp. Also Heywire, and soon Viber. (gosh that's a lot of apps to check!) Email always works ( as well as facebook or the blog. Skype and FaceTime are options, but I am 14 hours ahead, so no promises as to what I will be able to schedule if you aren't family or super close friends.

I have also had a few people ask about my financial needs, and if you would still like to give? I would GREATLY appreciate it. God has provided in big ways, but living day-to-day, and small expenses will add up. My mom is in charge of all my accounts at home, so contacting her would be the absolute best way to give. Her email is: and she can pass on any support. I will leave you with a few photos of my journey....

The start of the trip... Columbus, Ohio, to Los Angeles, California...

Breakfast on my international flight to Brisbane. Not too shabby. Qantas Airlines gets a BIG thumbs up from me! Super friendly and helpful attendants, comfy and clean. 14 hours went fairly quick.

Somewhere over the Pacific, almost to Brisbane...

And this? Friends... this is the view from the balcony/porch of my dorm. I know. You're jealous.

These wonderful, purple flowering trees are the Jacaranda Tree. It blooms ONCE a year... and that happens to be now, for our arrival... they are so beautiful against the blue skies and greenery.

In the states... we have lots of brown and black birds. Cardinals. Blue Jays and the somewhat overrated Robin... here? They have parrots. Just flying around and eating out of feeders. Bright, tropical parrots. I know, right? They have cooler looking money AND birds. But, they are freaking LOUD. That will take some getting used to in the morning.

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