Life's a Beach

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There is so much in my heart and head currently… and, at the same time, I'm fairly peaceful. Classes and lectures here are going smooth. I am a bit further along in life than most of the other students (not that I don't have plenty to hear and learn!) so most of the lessons are really good reminders of things I am very aware of.

Its a good time to look deep into my heart and to really focus on what I know and believe about God. To see what my relationship with Him is truly based on. I'm definitely seeing that there are really big areas where I need a lot of work. I am stubborn, and independent- I hate to ask for help. From friends, from God. Its hard for me to relinquish control… So, we're working on that.

Being here is good. I am surrounded daily with people who are on similar journeys. God has brought some wonderful ladies into my life- people I am able to connect and talk with. I have a full schedule, but also plenty of down time. Time to be creative. To study. To think and pray.

This past weekend I made it to the coast with some friends… and gosh, I love the ocean. I could take the same photo, 100x and love each and every one of them as though they were different. (does that make sense!?)

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  1. Beautiful photos, friend! And, yes, I definitely understand what you said about photographing the ocean.


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