I'm In Japan

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I keep having to stop and remind myself...

YOU. ARE. IN. JAPAN. What?! I know, right? Its so weird. Sometimes, its so apparent. (like, on the train, or when we try to order donuts and coffee without a translator!) Trying to soak it all in and hold on to every moment and not be anxious or impatient for the next leg of my journey...

I do know that when I finally make it back to Ohio... I will miss the mountains. I love having mountains everywhere. In Australia, in Japan. There is such beauty in the mountains... I may have to relocate somewhere I can partake of them more often...

On a rainy day, back a few weeks, our group did a historical walk of Kyoto. We visited the historical home of Joseph Hardy Neesima (a missionary to Japan) who founded a University there. (Which we also visited.) We also visited the Imperial Palace grounds, and a temple... but I don't remember the name of it- and there are tons of temples and shrines in Kyoto. I'll post more photos soon.

 We came across this spot with a whole herd of stray cats... it was strange... but it entertained us for a while.

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  1. Those mountains remind me of my time in S.Korea. It was lovely to see them rising above all the busy city-ness. Also--I was not expecting to read a Spanish menu board in among your photos! ;-)


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