Australian Days

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Friday night was our program's graduation ceremony. I am now officially done with the program here at YWAM Brisbane. And, honestly, its not a minute too soon. I don't regret my time here in any way- its been a huge gift to be in Australia, to travel, to meet so many wonderful people and have some time to focus on God- but lately, I've been feeling my age. I am missing some of the wonderful connections I have back home (you all know who you are!) I miss my community, Apex, my family... and, lets face it, my clothes and bed.

As many of you know, I made the decision to stay on in Australia a couple extra weeks and help out at the cafe at YWAM. Yesterday was my first day, and it was great. I'm helping to take orders, serve and make simple things. I really enjoy service- I am, yes, an introvert by nature, but when presented with an opportunity to interact and serve others at the same time, I truly enjoy meeting new people and having conversations. (I'm hoping to learn some coffee making things as well. We shall see.) I'm also helping to paint/finish a mural on the wall in the cafe... which is kind of funny because I was just randomly asked if I paint, and if I had ever painted a mural... to which, I replied. "why yes, yes I have." So I get to be a little creative as well. I've missed that.

There are so many things I miss about being... settled. Access to things. Resources. Community. I miss art and having what I need to create. I miss my car and the ability to jump in and just drive. I miss my Apex community. I definitely miss the music community and the chance to play with the praise band on a regular basis. God has definitely refreshed my perspective on some things, and that has been great.

When I left Ohio, I never had any intention of coming back permanently. Now, that's still not my top choice, and I may not stay, but I am open to the idea if that's what God has for me. I'm pretty open to whatever. I'm praying about working in the art/design world for a bit- I really would enjoy that at this time, as well as being in a bigger city. Be that Columbus, or somewhere ever further away, we shall see.

I'm just enjoying these final weeks in Australia, the people I'm with, the coffee we get to drink, the photos we can take...

...and I'll take each day as it comes.

Can't wait to see so many of you again. I'll be back before you know it! ;)

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