Sightseeing in Dublin- Guinness, Cathedrals and Sisters

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We visited Christ Church Cathedral... mainly just posing with the outside structure since we didn't feel like paying to enter a building. (Europe is expensive man.)


Such a gorgeous day- only one tiny cloud in the sky! 

Temple Bar is the "thing" in Dublin, so we popped by to nab some photos, but it was too crowded to bother trying to get a Guinness.

We visited a different, less crowded pub for Guinness and traditional pub fair. Thick, hearty soups, bread and fish and chips. It was a good call all around, because we were seriously HANGRY at this point. Pretty much the only time we all almost started fighting the entire trip. After we got some food in our bellies we were able to enjoy the live music and atmosphere and, you know, the fact that it was our last full day in IRELAND. 

...and yes. This photo shows that I don't really like Guinness. I pretty much stuck to ciders the whole trip. They were delightful. Don't judge me.

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