Chambray and Straw Fedoras//What I Wore

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So I've been on the hunt for a new chambray shirt for a long time... a very long time. Years ago, before they were popular, I happened across one super cheap at Old Navy. It was like, $3. So I bought it. I didn't wear it for months, then, all of a sudden, I started wearing it constantly. Its now a wardrobe staple for me, but mine is slowly dying a death of a well-loved piece of clothing. I've needed to replace it for ages. 

But, hey, I'm cheap, and they cost around $25 everywhere. So I've put it off. I'm always checking at Goodwill but never came across anything that didn't have apples or snowmen embroidered on it. My mom found a cute one the other day, at Walmart of all places, so I went to get one. I didn't find the one she bought, but I did find this one. A light, soft denim color, with brass studs at the collar... I think I like it!

And that is my long tale of the Chambray shirt. Might I also add that people, some days, annoy me. I was in my yard taking my photos- yes. I had a tripod. Yes, I look sort of silly. But this guy was walking his dog, and on his phone and decided to stop RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY YARD to watch and talk on his phone. Dude, I feel goofy enough. Stop making this downright awkward. People. Gosh.


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