//Days Like These//

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Currently enjoying....

Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies. I mean, really?! They are so good. I always forget how good they are. Band of Horses- I've been playing Everything, All the Time ....uh, all the time. Wearing bracelets and rings and other jewelry... its a big step for me! Sunny days. Pink lemonade. Taking photos again- I was just in the slump. I had absolutely no desire to take my camera anywhere, and now? I want to cart it around everywhere! (in light of this) VSCO Film presets and learning to use LR. Buying some new make-up. Painting my nails. Catching up with friends. Tax season being over. Starting to train (for reals, now that the weather is better) for a 5k....

anything you(all like, 4 of you who read this) are enjoying?

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  1. -warm enough weather to read on the porch
    -hikes (like the one we need to go on...hint..hint..)
    -reading "So Brave, Young and Handsome" to discuss & savor it (not just for the plot--big step back to my lit major roots)
    -colors everywhere! (and photographing them)

  2. -new experiences
    -summer days in a tropical country
    -trying new recipes
    -listening to my 3 year old laugh


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