Friday Night Dinner Party

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Excessive selfies. No shame.
Friday was lovely. Just what a day off should be. Sunny and gorgeous outside. A coffee date with one of my old roomies late morning. (we both appreciate sleeping it) Lots of life talking, laughs, discussions on the opposite sex and a mutual love for coffee and dreams of traveling to other places.
Then browsing at Goodwill before meeting with my friend Johanna to browse books at B&N and catch up a bit over lunch.

Then last night we had a little dinner party cook-out at a friends house. A BYOMD. (bring your own meat and drink) I supplied all sorts of yummy toppings and Leanne and Chris opened their home, and made yummy desserts. (Chris also was the grill king)

Matt brought kabobs- always having to one-up the rest of us. Mr. Classy.

And we were all  childishly amused by the seasoning named "Butt Rub". Yup. That's us. Mature, classy adults. 

But seriously- this is a grand group of people. Whenever we get together our conversations are fascinating, hilarious, serious, somewhat irreverent, and a lot of times deep. God, politics, movies, sex, the church, pop culture, life... pretty much everything is on the table for discussion. 

Ya know, its a good way to spend a Friday night.

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