Yellow, Black and White//Spring Forsythia

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Getting used to the whole, "taking photos of myself' again. Kind of fun, kind of aggravating and definitely a learning experience. Trying to find new angles that work with a self-timer, working on nailing my focus, and keeping them colorful and fun...

I couldn't pass up the beautiful forsythia in our yard... such a gorgeous pop of yellow! 
It was super windy (hence the above photo) so I ended up changing, but this dress is a total find. I've been searching for the perfect black and white polka-dot dress for a while now, and I happened upon this one by chance at Meijer while grocery shopping! It was the last one in my size, had such a sweet, flippy skirt, and the dots were the perfect scale. Love at first try on.



 //Outfit Details//
sandals//Old Navy

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