Fridays & Prayers

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So, today is Friday. It's a welcome day off for me, as I work tomorrow. A day to wear comfy pants (I call these my Fun-Pants, yes Michael Scott, that's a nod to you and old-school The Office)

A day to get some organizing and things planned out for fundraisers and just life. 

A moment to put a slouchy hat and boots back on, since Ohio has again, presented us with cold weather. 

But mostly, today is a time to pray for a very dear friend. One of my close friends recently found out that her cancer is back, and today I received a text from my best friend/her sister-in-law that she has been care-flighted to her hospital for emergency surgery for blood on her brain.

Please, please pray with me friends. Pray for her and her husband. Pray that God would do something miraculous, and that he would grant them as much strength, peace and understanding as they need. Pray for their family as well, as they are like MY second family and are trying to trust God and be strong. 

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