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I'm currently reading this on the recommendation of a friend who's input and opinion on this matter I highly respect... and folks? I am not finished with it yet (full review to come) but I HIGHLY reccomend it. To singles AND marrieds alike. 

In fact, I wish EVERY CHURCH LEADER would PLEASE, PLEASE, read this book. (That's a lot of caps use for me... which means I am for real here folks.) 

As a single person who is quite past the "normal church marrying age" (which seems to be 19-24), and who is not a part of the whole "starting a family" stage of life... I hope that I'm not the first to say this to you, but there is a giant hole in church ministry/community for singles over the age of 23 or 24. 

I already have so many notes and highlights on my Kindle- and I'm only halfway through the book. I will say that I rarely, if ever, read non-fiction. I rarely, if ever, read "christian" non-fiction. So the fact that I read about half of this in one day? That's pretty big.

Seriously, read this. 

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  1. I've now read the introduction (all that was available in my nook sample) & am seriously intrigued to read the rest. I'm trying to find a library with a copy since I have a hard time paying for a book I haven't read yet. Let me say I found the introduction compelling enough that (bolstered by your & Matt's positive reviews) I recommended reading the book to my father-in-law, who was asking for our take on how to better reach the 20-30ish group in their city.


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