Sydney in Photos: Bondi Beach

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Hello people friends…
So, I have so many photos and things to catch up on. Over Christmas break, I traveled with two of my friends here at YWAM to Sydney (!) because you can't come all the way to Australia and not visit the Opera House, Hillsong and Sydney in general…. right?

Our trip to Sydney included a plan, multiple trains, a bus, lots of walking, and finally, a taxi to the YWAM base we stayed at. Pretty much the only thing missing from our transportation was a live animal. Somehow, we made it safely, and the next day we set out to explore the city.

Sydney reminded me a lot of NYC… Brisbane, though its fairly large, feels smaller, cleaner, easier to figure out. Sydney was a lot larger, and just more busy in general. Plus, so many tourists! (us included!)

The second day, once we figured out the public transit (I'm getting good as trains and buses and concession fees vs. normal costs etc! I may be a city dweller in the making!) and journeyed to Bondi Beach. Apparently there's a reality TV show that takes place there? (I don't really watch TV, so, this is what I hear) We got coffee, played in the waves, and hiked up the cliffs for a beautiful view. So, that's what these photos are from…

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  1. Thanks for sharing these! I especially love the photos of the rocky coast & the waves beating against it.


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