What [were] You Doing New Year's Eve?

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After Sydney, our whole school traveled 16 hours by van and bus to Airlie Beach for an outreach week with two other YWAM groups from Australia. For a couple evenings, including New Year's Eve, we set up a large tent and served Chai tea, had live music and hung out with locals, backpackers and anyone who stopped by. The goal was to have a safe, chill place for people to come and hang out during the crazy festivities. Plus, a lot of the backpackers are really open to talking about God and life.

One of the evenings, a guy friend and I spent some time chatting with two men who attended school in Melbourne, but originally were from Dubai. They were really friendly and we had a good time hearing about their travels and sharing about what we were doing in Australia.

It was kind of a chill week, we spent time praying for the area, hanging out at the church where we were staying, making Macca(McDonalds) runs and on one of our last days, a few of us booked a day on a tropical island. (what!? Photos to come)

At midnight on NYE, they set off fireworks directly above our tent. We had front row seats. So… fireworks, in Australia, on the beach, on New Year's Eve. Hello 2014- you're already 100x better than 2013.

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  1. Looks great. Did it feel like the 4th of July to be watching fireworks in the warmth? ;-) I especially love the shots you took over the pond/lake area.


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