Birthday Lists: 30 Before 30

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Every year I put together a list of things I want to do before my next birthday, then I spend the next year crossing them off… check out last year's, and the things I managed to wipe out here.

Next year is the big three-oh. (what?!) so, here's thirty things I'd like to accomplish this next year. You know the drill… I'll try to keep you all updated- and I'd love to see/hear if you create your own lists!

1. Visit the UK (England, Ireland and Scotland)
2. Move out of Ohio
3. Get a job
4. Read 30 books (at least!)
5. Make 30 music mixes
6. Watch The Walking Dead
7. New tattoo
8. Dye my hair light, reddish brown
9. Make/try 30 new recipes
10. List out 1,000 things I am thankful for
11. Journal for 30 days straight
12. Make photo books for my travels once home
13. Learn 5 new photography techniques
14. Get a job in a coffee shop/be a barista
15. Play music in a coffee shop
16. Find a theme song for 2014
17. Keep money in my bank account
18. Study the Bible
19. Read a Year with C.S. Lewis
20. Work with high school students
21. Have my own place again
22. Color Run
23. Print out a music notebook (chords and lyrics)
24. Grow. Out. My. Bangs. (for real)
25. Redesign my blog
26. Make and drink tea
27. A verse a month (memorize and meditate on one a month)
28. 30 adventures, large or small
29. Shoot 30 rolls of film
30. 30 Hand lettering projects

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