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The first team from our school heads out tomorrow to start their overseas outreach! They are headed for seven weeks in Malaysia. The rest of us start our various outreach trips this week as well. I'll be heading out for Japan in a week.

Its been really neat to see God provide over the past few days- many of us still needed funds to pay for outreach and God has done some amazing things.

Personally I was feeling a little down on Wednesday because I really wanted to give, but as it turned out, the money I had been sort of depending on hadn't come in yet. So, as I tend to do, I was getting a bit grumpy, and maybe a touch sassy with God, wondering why He wasn't "allowing me to be generous". (I'm a brat sometimes, I know, I talked with Him, we're cool- He loves me even when I'm a jerk.) I even had to borrow money to finish paying for my outreach.

So, after a day of feeling like an annoyed person, I woke up to a text from my mom letting me know that the check I had been waiting on? It came! The money I needed and more. So cool.

I'll keep everyone updated as I know details about my trip to Japan. Right now, we're looking at leaving in about a week (plane tickets are purchased!) and we are planning on doing children's and student ministry, teaching English classes and using the arts to minister to the people in Japan. The first two weeks we'll be at the YWAM base in Osaka, and then last four weeks we'll be staying with a fellow YWAMer's family in Tokyo. I'm really excited to see what God has in store for us as a team- I'm sure I will have amazing photos and great stories to share over the next 7 weeks!

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