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Because I know you were all on the edge of your seats wondering… yeah? I may be in Australia, but I've thankfully been able to (sort of) keep up with the music scene, and that makes me H A P P Y.

I was able to catch The Lumineers live just a few weeks back (front row! Amazing show!) and this coming weekend I'm attending a (harder) rock festival with my outreach team. (Green Day, AFI, Korn to bands that I like, such as Mutemath and Jimmy Eat World…. haha) Its something we're doing as a group, not that I bought tickets for personally… in case you're wondering. (I mean, I HAVE always wanted to see Green Day live….hahahaha)

Recently I've purchased some new tunes… here are my recs:

Post Tropical
James Vincent McMorrow

I love JVM. His vocals, the lyrics, the arrangements… recommended for sure.

Moths, Flames, Etc.
The Careful Ones

So- I forget how I came across this band… but they sound so similar to Bon Iver that I had a moment where I was like, "When did Bon Iver put out a new album?!" So- recommended to people who enjoy Bon Iver.

Kye Kye

Kye Kye's new album is catchy and kind of dark and moody feeling- I like it.

Between the Bars
The Civil Wars
I pretty much will buy and listen to anything The Civil Wars put out. I'm a solid fan from the very beginning. I enjoy that some of the songs they played live are finally available!

So Long, See You Tomorrow 
Bombay Bicycle Club

I heart Bombay Bicycle Club… my friend Emilie got me really hooked on them! I'm excited to listen to their new album!

Also, randomly, there are songs that we end up listening to a lot here, so now they remind me of Australia and my friends… whether they are awesome music or not….

Wake Me Up by Avicci, My Body by Young the Giant, Lost in my Mind by the Head and the Heart, Royals by Lorde, and Oceans by Hillsong. (I mean, really, there had to be at least ONE Hillsong one in there, yeah? There's like 10, but that one has been our anthem.)

Hope you find something to listen to!

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