Visit from Val: Part 1

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A couple weeks ago, my sister came down from the Middle East where she lives to visit me on one of her work breaks! It was SO good to see her for a few days- to hang out, show her around the area, go to the beach… talk. She was home in Ohio for Christmas this year, but I wasn't! So it was really good to have her here, even though it wasn't near long enough!

Our first foray into Australian cuisine was Guzman Y Gomez in Southbank… delish mexican food that is similar (but still different from) Chipotle.

On our first day we visited the ferris wheel- which we then rode on her last day…

…and crossed the river to Queens Street to see the shops.

On Sunday, we headed out with a few of my friends to the Gold Coast, specifically, Surfer's Paradise. They all had some plans to go surfing….! (and I, naturally, was their photographer!) We stopped by the market on Blackwood Street (just a block or so away from where I live.) and picked up fresh bagels and cream cheese and some fresh raspberries for breaky. 

… and then we did lots more. Photos to come.

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