Easterfest 2014

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YWAM  Brisbane just spent a week (the week of Easter) camping and working at Easterfest in Toowoomba, Australia. Its pretty cool because even though its a Christian music fest, the community and government support and promote it, and it draws a huge crowd, Christians and non. It was so fun for me to help out, from carrying water bottles and checking wristbands, to hanging out in YWAM's chai tent. I think its been my favorite part of Australia. The music industry, musicians, that environment and atmosphere is something that I love to be around. It was also really cool to worship with hundreds of people on the evening of Easter Sunday- singing loud and praising God. (led by Jimmy Needham, who I didn't really know, but apparently he's pretty big on the Christian scene.)
I took a few photos, but mainly just enjoyed the week. It was pretty cold to be camping in tents, but it was fun, I hadn't been camping in ages.

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  1. Wow. I didn't realize how big that was when I saw you mention it on facebook. Pretty lights, too. :)


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