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So- most people that know me know that I'm not... a KID person. I love children- especially my niece and nephew. Kids are cute. But I'm not one of the those people who will chase down a mom with a baby so she can randomly cuddle. Or someone who would rather interact and roll around on the floor with the little ones than interact with adults.

But this past week we spent four days at an English preschool in Narimasu, Japan... and the little ones there stole little pieces of my heart! It was so amazing to get to spend several days with them- to play and cuddle and console (some of them had a hard time letting go of momma). I was especially thankful to the school for wanting to USE my art, and my love of photography, so I was able to capture some really great photos of the kids.

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  1. Cute kids--and great photos. I still remember being in Korea and mentioning how cute the kids were, to which the Korean I was talking with stopped me to exclaim, "What? No--it's the American kids. They're the cute ones!" ;-)


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