One Last Night...

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Its my last night in Japan- crazy. At times it felt like time was creeping by, but sometimes, it seemed as though it was flying.

The last week was spent helping at a preschool- with their spring break school. I was able to take some really great photos of the kids, plus hang out and play with them for four days. I definitely connected with a few and will leave a little part of my heart with them. Photos to come once I'm settled back in Brisbane.

I'm really looking forward to the flight tomorrow. Call me strange, but I love airports and traveling... in flight entertainment. The fact that I have time to read or listen to music for hours upon hours. (ok, 10+ hour flights are a bit much sometimes... but I'm going to enjoy it! Dang it!) 

I'll leave you with a little cherry blossom (or, Sakura as they call it here) love...

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