Walking Amsterdam

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We walked all over the city of Amsterdam. Visiting the Anne Frank House, the Vondlepark, The Nine Streets, we did some shopping, had some coffee. Took a canal tour, went to a comedy show and ate delicious food. The city was ablaze with orange, as the World Cup was on and they take their team spirit seriously in The Netherlands. We couldn't have navigated our way around Amsterdam without the City Maps 2 Go Pro app (it works offline and will guide you- it was a lifesaver our whole trip, but especially in Amsterdam! Just a little tip for those of you looking to travel in the future, it was super helpful) 

Fairly often, in the afternoons we would head to a Starbucks. Now... before you "poo-poo" all over that, hear me out. I was on a hunt to get the city mugs from each city, so there was that. Also, Starbucks always have seating AND free wifi. Plus you know what you're going to get. (don't get me started on the potential suspense at ordering an iced coffee in Australia. Ya never knew how exactly they'd interpret the order!) Starbucks would provide a nice respite, plus allow a little Instagram time. Perfect.

On our canal tour we sat with a couple from Sydney, Australia (ha! Perfect!) who were traveling to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. They were sweet enough to snap this photo of Val and I.

This houseboat had a chandelier. NBD.

The line at the Anne Frank House. They had free wi-fi in line...classy. 

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