Now is the Start...Utrecht, The Netherlands

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So...Europe. I'm in love. I always knew I would be. My last few weeks have (honestly, months) been full of new time zones, cultures and sights. I was with my sister in The Middle East for about a week, then we left for The Netherlands, England and Ireland. Here is the start of the photos from our time in Amsterdam and Utrecht, probably our favorite place we visited.  We also had amazing weather for our whole visit to Europe. Our cab driver in Dublin remarked on this as we were departing our last day... we'll take it!

These first photos were from our Sunday in Utrecht, where we were staying with our Airbnb rental. (which I HIGHLY recommend to anyone traveling anywhere in the world! We had great experiences in all three locations!) We had a large train station, shops, restaurants, and a cathedral all within walking distance of our rental.

The BEST bagel sandwich I've ever had. Delicious.

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  1. Lovely photos! I'm looking forward to more from your travels :)


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