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Driving in the car today, I popped a CD into my player. (because that's how I roll... I don't have an auxiliary port OK!?) The album of choice? Hot Fuss by The Killers. Which made me and my sister comment on what a perfect album it is. Its a classic- one of those you can listen to all the way and not skip tracks. Always fun, perfect to drive and sing along. Which made me try and come up with a list of albums I deem as worthy for this title... here's what I came up with... Obviously these are my opinion- I would definitely recommend and of these albums, but they may not be for everyone... what would you list as some of yours?

Hot Fuss- The Killers

The Suburbs- Arcade Fire
The summer this came out, I listened to it in the car non-stop, all the tracks. The whole thing.

Barton Hollow- The Civil Wars
When their first full length album finally came out, I would listen to it, choose a favorite song, than proceed to change my mind as the next song came on.

You Are My Sunshine- Copeland
Classic. Nostalgic. I love all my Copeland albums. But this one in particular is a "play the whole way through and repeat" type. (PS THEY'RE PUTTING OUT A NEW ALBUM THIS YEAR!!!!) 

Other recs even though I don't feel like posting the artwork, but are worth listening...

Running for Cover- Ivan & Alyosha - easy going and fun, all the way through.
Native- One Republic -Say what you want, its a CATCHY album!
Far- Regina Spektor- Maybe I'm recommending this because I listened to the whole album multiple times while driving back from California and it makes me nostalgic... or maybe its just good all the way through. None of those strange Regina songs you just sorta skip....
Snow Patrol- Eyes Open - I like the whole thing.

Okay... I'm stopping now.

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