Visiting Val- Day One

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(This is the biggest macaron I've ever seen! We had to buy one

Hello from Doha friends. Just hanging out with my sister here in the Middle East. Crazy to think I'm actually here- but super awesome. Jet leg is a butt but we're keeping me caffeinated and on a regular nap schedule. I'm currently traveling without my MacBook OR a DSLR so my iphone will play an integral part in blogging and photos. Thankfully I can transfer my photos straight from my new camera (the Olympus PEN) to my phone. But please excuse me if there are weird grammer or formatting issues. I'll blame it on the whole 'blogging on the go'. 

Last night I landed in Doha around 6:30pm and we headed back to my sisters flat so I could change. Then we headed to a work party where I was able to meet a lot of her friends and coworkers. We left fairly early and I pretty much fell into a coma after hitting the bed. Unfortunatley I awoke around 2am and was awake for a couple hours so I hopped on my phone for a little social media update. After sleeping in a bit, we headed out with her friends to have a traditonal English breakfast. Followed by naptime, during which I was out like a light and having crazy confusing dreams. 
Friday is holy day here, so a lot lf thing are closed, but we headed out to one of the malls later this afternoon and did a little shopping, ate at Shake Shack (I never made it in NYC, so it was my first time there) and I got an afternoon Starbucks pick me up. We went out to an Italian place in walking distance tonight, a place that makes their pasta from scratch. (Nom) My sister also walked me to where there's a 24 hour coffee shop she likes- which I'm sure I'll be visiting this week while she's at work. 

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