I'm (almost) Up in the Air (again)

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About to be flying again. Another long flight ahead, but I am visiting my sister for the first time ever where she lives in the Middle East. Then, seeing Europe with my two besties/sisters. I don't think its hit me yet.

Random things of note:
  • Packing was way easier this time, partly because its for 2 1/2 weeks instead of 7+months I'm sure, but also because I have the hang of this traveling thing now. 

  • Getting ready to be phone-less again after just starting to realize I have one again- ha. Also, preparing for a new bout of jet-lag.

  • I love noisetrade. Downloading a couple albums to sample on my flight. Citizens, Flannel Graph, The Ember Days... 

  • I was not able to find the book I was on the hunt for in any of the stores I tried yesterday. If the YA book you're looking for doesn't have vampires or isn't being made into a movie, than don't expect places to have it stocked. (DUMB.) But I finally picked up the first Game of Thrones book (I made it about 1/3 of the way through it on my kindle, but, lets face it, I'm a real book kind of girl) and found another, a memoir, to try.

  • Its raining. The past few times I've flown its always raining when I leave. Which means my hair will look extra blah when I'm finally done with 30 some hours of traveling because all the curl will be gone before I board my first plane. Sad face. 

Well, I'm outta here, looking forward to catching up with everyone come July!

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