Sister Date and a New, Shiny Camera

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My sister and I had a little coffee date at Dino's in Yellow Springs this morning. We're big fans of Dino's and Yellow Springs, partly because when my mom and dad were first married they lived there, and as kids we constantly would visit the little town and walk around, get frozen yogurt at Tom's and hike in all the parks. 

It was fun to sit and sip a vanilla latte (and try the Chai Charger/Dirty Chai Liv got) and share a giant blueberry muffin. We walked around a bit and even visit our mom, since she's the new Children's librarian at the library in town! (congrats mom!) 

In addition, I was finally able to try out my new camera. I recently starting researching micro four-third cameras and made the jump to an Olympus Pen EPL-5. A step below a DSLR, still able to use interchangeable lenses and shoot in RAW format. It has a beautiful touch screen that swivels for hard to see areas and can use a Flash Air card so I can connect to my phone and share photos via the internets. I'm pretty impressed with the quality and am even contemplating the thought of leaving my DSLR at HOME and just taking this with me. Carrying around a large camera and multiple lenses for months kind of wore me out, and this one seems pretty darn capable of capturing beautiful photos... we'll see what I end up doing ultimately, but its definitely going with me!

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  1. You made the plunge & got the camera--how fun! Lovely photos, Em. I especially love the couple merging reflections w/ a portrait of your sister. (I'm guessing you stood outside the coffee shop & shot through the window reflections?)


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