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So... I've been home for the past two weeks. Its kind of crazy to be back and to see my family. My nephew turned 1 the day after I arrived (Memorial Day) and I have absolutely loved having him warm up to me and seeing my niece again!

Over the past few weeks I've caught up with a few friends, spent time with my family, and been planning the next leg of my travels, because, friends, I leave again on Wednesday! Extremely crazy. I have always wanted to see the world, and in the course of a year, will have been to Australia, Japan, Qatar, Amsterdam, England and Ireland. That's a nice little list. 

I'm so grateful that these opportunities have arisen, for my time spent with YWAM in Australia and Japan and the relationships and experiences. And I am extremely excited for this next leg of my journey, a chance to explore and visit new countries and cities with my best friends and sisters. For a long time I worked a day-to-day job. Living a fairly ordinary life, fighting the battle to be content and grateful for what I had been given... so I know I am blessed to have this time.

I'll be off traveling til early July,  and, I'm packing light, so I won't be taking my computer. If you would like to stay in touch, I'll have my phone as a wireless device, so add me on Whatsapp or Viber (or iMessage) if I don't already have you as a contact.

Add me on Instagram or follow me on Twitter for updates when I have access to wifi- I'll do my best to post a few photos!

(enjoy these photos of my adorable niece and nephew... I LOVE being an auntie!)  

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