Beach-town Vibes

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So- Hervey Bay. We traveled by Greyhound bus... which, by the by, had wi-fi on it and USB charges for devices.... seriously. Road-tripping nowadays is a whole different world. (made me think of the time I went to the Catalyst leadership conference with my Apex peeps and road in the media van... we had portable wi-fi and everyone was working away on their laptops... the trip to Atlanta went fast!)

Our weekend was totally chill. Coffees, walking, watching some movies, naps, I finished a book on my Kindle... some good talks. Leah and Mik have really been a blessing to me these past few weeks of staying on in Australia. I've been able to work with Leah in the cafe (she's the manager) and as a fellow introvert, we understand each other and we've had some good chats about life, creativity, event planning... so much. And Mik... Mik is pretty cool. He's a crazy good musician (check out Black Indie- he's working on recording his EP currently! I did a few photos for him when I first arrived in Australia, you can find them on The Facebook.) and has a huge heart for people and sharing art and his story with them. All that to say, they're awesome, and I've been blessed to spend some extra time with them. Being older than most the others in my program, and then even having them all leave and me stay on, I've definitely had moments where I am feeling lonely, so it was good to connect with a few people.

On to the photos... there's a lot. Shocker.

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